"Rinchem opened for business in 1976.  We had a five thousand square foot building, a small delivery truck, two people and huge dreams.  Thanks to the commitment of those two people and the hundreds who have joined us, Rinchem has delivered unparalleled customer service and prospered immensely."

Bill Moore, CEO, Rinchem Company, Inc.
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Rinchem's Safety and Quality Commitment

Commitment to Safety

Rinchem's first and foremost concern is for the health and safety of our staff members, the communities in which we reside and the environment.  Rinchem's commitment to safety includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • Coordinated oversight of Rinchem's safety and quality programs through Rinchem's Quality, Safety and Handling team.
  • Extensive employee training about how to safely complete work activities according to documented standards of performance.
  • Safety incentive programs where safe behavior is recognized and rewarded.
  • A corrective  action process that documents and requires the investigation of any injury, property damage, chemical spill or exposure, regulatory citation, customer complaint, or good catch that might occur.  Incident root causes are identified and corrective action taken to ensure that these incidents do not happen again.
  • An emergency response and contingency plan for each facility that Rinchem operates.
  • Facility features and practices that promote safety, including eye wash stations, explosion-proof forklifts, product segregation when required and use of personal protective equipment when handling certain chemicals.

Focus upon Quality

Rinchem's dedication to quality is reflected in our "Quality Statement", a commitment made by employees and managers to strive for quality performance in all aspects of their jobs.  It reads:

"We, the employees of Rinchem Company, Inc., make the personal commitment to first document and understand our customers' expectations and then to meet or exceed our commitment to those expectations. We will do this by performing the correct tasks in a safe, defect-free and punctual manner at all times, utilizing best-in-class methodologies and practices."

Rinchem strives to maintain the highest levels of quality when performing services for our customers, including the  following:

  • Meeting quality standards specifically required by customers as identified within explicit, jointly-developed statements of work.
  • Meeting or exceeding all requirements associated with all laws and regulations of federal, state and municipal agencies.
  • Meeting or exceeding thresholds set by Rinchem's own Standards of Performance (SOPs) and  company policies which, in many cases, exceed those standards set by customers and/or governing agencies.
  • Tracking of performance to quality standards through the establishment of jointly developed key performance measures (KPMs) that are monitored and reviewed with customers on a periodic basis.
  • Regular corporate and site-driven audits directed toward safety, training and regulatory compliance, as well as to evaluate each manager's effectiveness at auditing and documenting compliance or corrective action.

For more information about Rinchem's quality statement, Click here.

Case Studies

A major supplier of chemicals to the commercial printing industry decided to outsource distribution in the Texas area. Some product lines included hazardous materials that required specialized transportation and handling capabilities. "We needed a company that had the experience to manage hazardous chemicals and could ship orders quickly in an error-free manner," said the company’s director of logistics. Rinchem exceeded expectations, while coming in nearly 15 percent below the nearest competitive quote, according to the company’s director of logistics...

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