"Rinchem opened for business in 1976.  We had a five thousand square foot building, a small delivery truck, two people and huge dreams.  Thanks to the commitment of those two people and the hundreds who have joined us, Rinchem has delivered unparalleled customer service and prospered immensely."

Bill Moore, CEO, Rinchem Company, Inc.
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Rinchem's Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Rinchem Company, Inc. is to be the most responsive provider of chemical management services that any of our stakeholders ever experience.

Responsiveness is identifying, documenting and fulfilling every expectation and requirement of our stakeholders.

Stakeholders include customers, employees, communities, regulatory authorities, and owners.

Vision Statement

Rinchem’s vision is to provide an unparalleled experience in excellence for our employees, customers, owners and business partners by building on the bedrock values of character, competence and commitment. We dare to dream, reinvent ourselves and innovate in pursuit of perfection in all we do.

Providing unmatched value to our customers comes through the personal commitment of each employee to safety, accuracy and productivity.  The passion expressed in our efforts provides personal, professional and financial rewards commensurate with the performance and excellence we deliver.

Core Values Statement

  • We will always give unparalleled customer service.
  • We will always demonstrate respect for ourselves, our community, and the environment.
  • We will always do what we say we will do.
  • We will always challenge ourselves to innovate and improve.

Case Studies

A major supplier of chemicals to the commercial printing industry decided to outsource distribution in the Texas area. Some product lines included hazardous materials that required specialized transportation and handling capabilities. "We needed a company that had the experience to manage hazardous chemicals and could ship orders quickly in an error-free manner," said the company’s director of logistics. Rinchem exceeded expectations, while coming in nearly 15 percent below the nearest competitive quote, according to the company’s director of logistics...

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