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Storage and Handling Information (For throughput, please use 12 month average)
Product Name and DescriptionType of Container (Case, Drum, Tote, Sack, etc.)Is the product palletized?Quantity per PalletDo pallets need to be broken down during receiving?Do pallets need to be broken down during shipping?Net Weight Per Package (Product and Containers)Tare Weight Per Package
(Weight of Just Containers)
Throughput Per Month (Per Weight or Container)Temperature Requirement?To what level is product stackable?Are containers returnable and/or would you like them returned?If drums, do you require dip tube exchange?What is the primary hazard class?What is the secondary hazard class?

If you select Rinchem to provide services, we will need to collect additional information about each product for our information systems. A business development representative can walk you though this process. Some customers also elect, because of the number of SKUs, to run a report from their inventory database and send it to Rinchem with applicable information.

Systems Information
Do you require an on-site inventory management system to be maintained and updated at a Rinchem location? If so, please provide details.
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Would you like to be set up for real-time, 24/7, secured online access to Rinchem's Chem-Star® inventory reports?

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