"We needed a company that had the experience to manage hazardous chemicals and could ship orders quickly in an error-free manner…Rinchem exceeded my expectations."

Director of Logistics, Major Supplier to Commercial Printing Industry
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Rinchem's Chemical Management Services

Rinchem offers complete chemical and gas management solutions spanning the entire chemical supply chain.  From the point of manufacture to the end user, Rinchem excels at transporting, storing and handling chemicals and gases.  For over three decades, Rinchem has worked with regional and Fortune 500 customers as a strategic, long-term partner for streamlining the supply chain and reducing unnecessary waste and cost.

With a Rinchem solution, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - by choosing one overarching partner to manage the chemical supply chain, our customers gain synergies from coordination of different areas of the supply chain by one entity.  Rinchem's chemical management services and solutions provide simplicity, accountability and efficiency that deliver an unparalleled value to our customers.

Rinchem Services and Areas of Expertise

Our areas of core competence include the following:

Warehousing: Public or dedicated, temperature-controlled or ambient, regulated or non-regulated warehousing and handling of high purity, pre-packaged chemicals, gases and other materials

Transportation: Intermodal, over-the-road transportation, cross docking or local delivery of wet or dry chemicals or other materials in bottles, cases, drums, totes or other specialized containers

Training and Consulting: Safety and regulatory training and auditing related to the handling, transportation and disposal of regulated and non-regulated chemicals and gases, empowering customers to achieve full regulatory compliance locally, nationally and internationally

Lead Logistics Solutions: Coordination of all logistics related activities and suppliers, including analysis of and recommendations regarding modes of transport, opportunities for consolidation, customer service performance levels and opportunities for improvement of the supply chain

Case Studies

A major supplier of chemicals to the commercial printing industry decided to outsource distribution in the Texas area. Some product lines included hazardous materials that required specialized transportation and handling capabilities. "We needed a company that had the experience to manage hazardous chemicals and could ship orders quickly in an error-free manner," said the company’s director of logistics. Rinchem exceeded expectations, while coming in nearly 15 percent below the nearest competitive quote, according to the company’s director of logistics...

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