1,000,000 Safe Mile Celebration

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CGL Transport, an affiliate of Rinchem Company, LLC, recently inducted Scott Deboer into its Ambassador of the Road Club. Scott has driven an impressive 1,000,000 safe miles.

CGLT realizes that its profitability and reputation ride on frontline employees and drivers. CGLT believes that they have some of the best drivers in America, and this program is designed to encourage drivers to grow with the company and become Ambassadors of the Road through safety and compliance.

Scott Deboer

Scott’s driving career began his driving career at the young age of 16 working for his dad. He then proceed to get his CDL in 2001 and started driving for CGL Transport in August 2008. Scott stated that he stays with the company because CGLT is a good company and they take care of their employees. Plus, he never has to worry about company stability problems and has only seen the company grow in his 8 years!

Congrats Scott Deboer, we are so proud of your accomplishment and are glad to have you on our team!

August 17, 2016