Chem-Star® Chemical Inventory Management System

Rinchem utilizes Chem-Star®, a warehousing and transportation management system that enables inventory visibility across Rinchem's network of warehouses. Chem-Star® also utilizes GPS tracking for Rinchem's customized, over-the-road fleet of tractor/trailer units to ensure visibility of customer loads.

Chem-Star® is available to customers 24/7 through a secured web-based interface that offers many different real-time inventory queries and reports. Rinchem also employs radio frequency technology to improve warehouse receiving, picking speed and accuracy.

Rinchem can host and/or interface with differing customer ERP or inventory management systems to increase visibility and seamless transition of data across the supply chain. Increased visibility enables greater coordination among links in the supply chain, facilitating reductions in safety stock, inventory obsolescence, and non-value adding activities.

Rinchem's inventory management capabilities include our award winning Web-based inventory management program called Chem-Star®. Our programs enable hub and spoke distribution models, pull-through distribution models, and allow for inventory pooling, increased shipping flexibility, and e-business transactions. We commit ourselves to continual innovation and improvement of our solutions to fit our clients' versatile challenges.

Chem-Star® Demo

Take a peek inside Rinchem’s proprietary application for supply chain management. Learn how you could save time and money while gaining valuable insight into your supply chain by using Chem-Star® today.

Chem-Star® allows each of our clients and their customers to track chemical inventories in real-time and run multiple reports from their own desktops.
The benefits of this system include:

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  • Web enablement
  • Real-time information and a variety of reports
  • Radio Frequency bar-coding
  • Capability to interface with any Oracle, Microsoft, or SAP database
  • Ability to view your inventory activity without phones, faxes, or e-mails
  • Direct customer web access (24/7)
  • First in first out by lot rotation
  • Elimination of human error caused by keystroke entries or misplaced documents
  • Concise activity  reports to back up invoices
  • Electronic receipt confirmation
  • First expired first out
  • Automated material expiration management

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