Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution

Chemical Logistics for Manufacturers

Rinchem provides customized logistics solutions to manufacturers of high-purity, pre-packaged, regulated and non-regulated chemicals and gases. As a lead logistics provider, Rinchem has the capability to manage and coordinate all logistics-related activity, evaluating costs, modes of transport, customer service levels and opportunities for consolidation to deliver a streamlined, responsive distribution network.

Rinchem also operates twenty-five customized warehouses in many major metropolitan areas across the United States and abroad. Rinchem's Chem-Star® warehousing management module offers real-time inventory visibility and the use of RF technology to improve receiving and picking speed and accuracy. Rinchem's fleet of refrigerated tractor/trailer units are equipped with GPS tracking technology for increased security and visibility.

A Rinchem chemical management solution opens the door to world-class chemical management technology, experience and expertise that help to achieve the following:

  • Increased visibility and coordination of the distribution network
  • Reduced inventory levels and associated waste from inventory obsolescence
  • Reduced transportation miles through load consolidation and planning
  • Reduced risk associated with chemical spills, exposures and accidents
  • Reduced oversight costs because of the simplicity of working with one provider
  • Increased customer service levels and reduced order response time
  • Reduced total cost of chemical management and increased profit

Rinchem has over thirty years of experience streamlining the supply chains of regional and Fortune 500 chemical manufacturers, distributors and end users. For more information about Rinchem's chemical distribution solutions, please contact a member of our business development-team.

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