White Papers

Benchmark Cleanrooms

Dip Tube Exchanges & Other Cleanroom Benefits

Cleanroom services play a critical role in the chemical logistics industry. These controlled environments provide a contamination-free space to work with and evaluate open product, protect sensitive materials, and minimize the risk of adverse reactions or product degradation. We will explore the complexities of cleanroom management, the significance of cleanroom services in the chemical logistics industry, and the importance and benefits of dip tube exchange as a key process within Rinchem's cleanroom operations.

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Total Material Management

Managing a Complex Global Supply Chain

Semiconductor chip fabrication is an incredibly involved manufacturing processes. The complexity of interdependent machines and processes dictates that a fabrication site is almost never shutdown. The specialized equipment needs a constant supply of unique chemicals from over 60 suppliers and a single machine running dry can jeopardize overall site reliability.

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Uncovering the Total Cost of Ownership

Why Outsourcing Supply Chain Management Saves You in the Long Run

The total cost of high purity chemical ownership is more than just raw materials. While managing over 5 billion pounds of pre-packaged, high purity chemicals and gasses annually, Rinchem has uncovered the true cost of ownership.

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Winning Against Disruptions in the Global Supply Chain

People around the world, from individual consumers to professionals working in the logistics industry, are feeling the effects of the daily global supply chain issues., It is clear the issues are prominent and unfortunately aren’t disappearing any time soon.

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