Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Chemical Logistics for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Rinchem Company, LLC, has regional and Fortune 500 experience handling raw materials and finished goods for certain segments of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Because of Rinchem's experience transporting, storing and handling high-purity and temperature-sensitive materials, the company is uniquely suited to meet the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

The RinchemPharma™ line of chemical management services offers complete systems, asset and physical segregation from Rinchem's other lines of business, ensuring safe, secure and regulatory compliant management of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished goods.

Rinchem offers the following strengths to pharmaceutical customers:

  • An understanding of cGMP, FDA and other transport and storage requirements
  • Locations in most major metropolitan areas where pharmaceuticals are manufactured
  • Standardized, transparent, auditable processes and procedures with ISO 9001 certification
  • Robust information systems that offer secure, real-time, 24/7 inventory visibility and reporting via the Internet
  • Segregated, temperature-controlled warehouses and refrigerated transport

With the increase in producers of generic drugs, reductions in revenue and a decrease in the number of blockbuster drugs, more pharmaceutical and biotech companies are feeling pressure to streamline business activities and deliver cost reductions.

Rinchem's ability to streamline and coordinate supply chain activity allows us to reduce cost, waste and risk for our customers. Whether it's binders, disintegrants, lubricants, glidants, dispersing agents, preservatives or other types of excipients, Rinchem has an inbound supply chain solution to meet the most demanding customer needs.

For more information about Rinchem's pharmaceutical and biotechnology solutions, please contact a member of our business development team.

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