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Chemical Logistics for the Semiconductor Industry

Rinchem Company, LLC, warehouses or handles a very large quantity of high-purity, pre-packaged chemicals and gases used by semiconductor manufacturers in the United States. Rinchem also provides total management of chemical logistics related activity for a select number of fabrication facilities located in Europe and the Middle East.

As process technologies continue to shrink within the semiconductor industry, chemical temperature and storage specifications have become more and more stringent. Improper storage or handling that contaminates these chemicals in any way can potentially cause a substantial reduction in production yield, and an increase in costs.

Rinchem possesses the knowledge and experience to safely and properly manage chemicals and gases so that semiconductor companies can spend more time and resources focusing upon their core competencies. Rinchem's ability to conduct some aspects of handling in a clean room environment ensures that unwanted dust or particles will not contaminate the high-purity chemicals that are used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Because Rinchem has already established supply lines from most major semiconductor chemical and gas manufacturers and has facilities near most major areas of manufacturing, our logistics network aligns very well with those who wish to purchase logistics services within this industry.

Transportation load consolidation opportunities and warehousing economies of scale, as well as the ability to provide combined, just-in-time fab deliveries on a daily basis make Rinchem an excellent fit for producers or consumers of semiconductor chemicals who want to improve efficiencies and service levels, while reducing the risks and costs associated with semiconductor chemical management.

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