Industry Solutions

Semiconductor and Electronics

Semiconductor and electronic manufacturing parts require chemicals of the highest grade and purest quality. For years, Rinchem Company, LLC, has helped industries achieve this by establishing supply lines from most facilities of semiconductors and gas manufacturers, allowing them to easily obtain high-purity, prepackaged chemicals to complete their processes. Throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, we take pride in helping to improve the efficiency and service levels of semiconductor chemical producers and consumers, while reducing risks and costs typically associated with management. For knowledgeable, experienced technicians that safely manage chemicals, choose Rinchem!

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Chemical Manufacturing and Distribution

When it comes to chemical logistics, accuracy, efficiency, and security are key. For over forty years, we’ve developed customized logistics solutions for a variety of manufacturers, helping them manage, coordinate, and secure all logistics-related activity. Our 25 international warehouses offer real-time visibility and use advanced technology to improve receiving, accuracy, and GPS tracking of units. From transportation to cost evaluation, consolidation, and beyond, Rinchem helps manufacturers of high-purity, prepackaged, regulated or unregulated chemicals or gases achieve and maintain quality and efficiency throughout every process.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotech

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries have high demands. To meet them, Rinchem has developed a singular line of chemical management services dedicated to certain segments of both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries—RinchemPharma™—separate from all other lines of our business and focused on expertly transporting, storing, and handling a variety of materials and goods. RinchemPharma™ complies with all cGMP, FDA, and other national and state requirements while reducing cost, waste, and risk in production. No matter the product or process, RinchemPharma™ of Rinchem Company, LLC, is able to help your company meet the most demanding of customer needs.

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Aerospace and Defense

Exact timing and project parameter demands of aerospace and defense corporations can be quickly and efficiently met with Rinchem. From pick and pack programs to transportation, inventory, management, and contracting, our technicians provide a variety of services and solutions. Our expertise within such industries have made us a partner of choice in reliability and performance, and have allowed us the opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor to government entities for several years. From the manufacturer to the end user, Rinchem covers logistics throughout the process to ensure the highest levels of reliability, accuracy, and security.

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Solar Panel

The importance of our environment and its well-being is more evident than ever before, and because of this, many are seeking alternative, reusable energy sources such as solar panels. We recognize that the demand is high,and have dedicated ourselves to helping you keep up with the incline in manufacturing and production. Our experience within this industry allows us to offer a variety of services and resources to manufacturers, such as storage space, deliveries, and technologies, all aimed at increasing the visibility, accuracy and flexibility of solar panel supply chains. For expertise and efficiency, trust Rinchem for national and international solar panel manufacturing!

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Other Manufacturing Industries

In working with multiple industries, we’ve gained a surplus of knowledge and experience that allows us to serve a variety of manufacturers. Rinchem believes that we provide services and solutions of the highest quality and is proud to offer unique and customized storage, handling, and transportation solutions to any customer who manufacturers or requires regulated, temperature-sensitive or hazardous chemicals or materials. For chemical logistics, services, and solutions, choose Rinchem and let our 40 years of expertise work for you!

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