Rinchem Achieves SmartWay High Performer Status for 2023 

Rinchem truck, Smartway logo

In an era where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a fundamental requirement for responsible business operations, we are thrilled to share that Rinchem, CGL, and Carolina Tank Lines have all been designated a SmartWay High Performers for 2023. This recognition signifies our dedication to sustainability in supply chain and logistics, and it reflects the incredible efforts of our team in making a positive impact on the environment and our industry. 

Rinchem truck, Smartway logo

Why Sustainability Matters in Supply Chain and Logistics 

Sustainability in supply chain and logistics is a necessity. As the global business landscape of continues to evolve, the role of our industry in reducing carbon emissions and minimizing environmental impact has become increasingly significant. The decisions we make today will shape the future of our planet and the  

We understand the critical importance of this responsibility and have made sustainability an integral part of our business, a value that guides our actions and decisions. 

Our Journey Towards Sustainability 

Achieving SmartWay High Performer status is not just about recognition; it's a reflection of the progress we've made in our sustainability journey. We have proactively invested in innovative solutions and sustainable practices to make our operations cleaner, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. 

We've taken significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint by optimizing routes, adopting eco-friendly technologies, and promoting fuel-efficient driving practices. Even in our warehouses, 85% of Rinchem’s forklift fleet are electric. Additionally, 19 of our facilities use LED and motion-sensor lights to reduce power consumption. 

Our partnership with SmartWay, a leading sustainability program in the transportation sector, has been instrumental in our journey. It has provided us with valuable insights, best practices, and a roadmap for continuous improvement. 

Let’s continue moving forward, innovating, and leading the way toward a more sustainable future for supply chain and logistics. Sustainability isn't just a goal; it's a shared responsibility.