Rinchem Wins Contract with Leading US Solar Cell Manufacturer, Suniva

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM. April 30, 2009 – Rinchem Company, LLC, a leading provider of inbound logistics services for the solar industry, has been contracted by Suniva, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-efficiency, low-cost monocrystalline solar cells, to provide warehousing, transportation and port logistics services for raw materials used within the photovoltaic (PV) cell manufacturing process. Suniva is dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-efficiency photovoltaic cells for clean, earth-friendly power generation. Rinchem has been a long-time steward of the environment and offers services which complement Suniva’s mission.

PV cell manufacturing requires a continuous flow of specialty, high-purity materials that require demanding handling and storage specifications.  Rinchem’s leadership and experience managing complex and demanding supply chains within industries such as the semiconductor and solar industries provided a solid foundation upon which to develop and implement a streamlined, flexible solution for Suniva.

“Rinchem’s logistical and support services for Suniva work well because we possess the resources and expertise to deliver a robust, flexible, cost-efficient supply chain that is specifically tailored to Suniva’s needs and future growth plans,” said Michael Gingerella, Business Development Manager, Rinchem.

Suniva’s primary goal is to produce high-efficiency solar cells that are a cost-effective alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels. Rinchem’s services provide inventory accuracy, visibility and reliability that can deliver supply chain and manufacturing efficiencies.  Rinchem also offers the capability to scale quickly and cost-efficiently with changes in demand and utilizes best practices to ensure continuous, high-quality supply chain services. 
“Suniva is committed to accurate, safe and efficient supply chain management. Our contract with Rinchem has proven to reduce risk and ultimately save us costs associated with supply chain management,” said Marc Rogovin, Senior Director of Corporate Services, Suniva.

Michael “Ging” Gingerella
Business Development Manager
Rinchem Company, LLC
Tel. 480-710-8631
Christopher P. Wright
Director of Sales and Marketing
Rinchem Company, Inc
Tel: 503.969.1184

Wendy Rosen
Antenna Group (for Suniva)

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