Rinchem Named a 2024 Inbound Logistics G75 Green Supply Chain Partner

Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner 2024

We are proud to announce that Rinchem Company has once again been recognized as a Top Green Supply Chain Partner by Inbound Logistics for 2024. This prestigious accolade marks our fifth consecutive year of being honored as a G75 Green Supply Chain Partner, underscoring our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our continuous efforts to minimize our environmental footprint.

Inbound Logistics Green Supply Chain Partner 2024

Setting Ambitious Goals with SBTI

Rinchem has strengthened its commitment to sustainability by signing a commitment letter with the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI). We aim to set scientifically-based goals that align with a low-carbon future.

Transparent Reporting and Continuous Improvement

In collaboration with Keramida, a renowned environmental consultancy, Rinchem completed its inaugural Sustainability Report at the end of 2023. This report provides a transparent account of our sustainability performance, highlighting the actions we have taken to reduce our environmental impact and promote responsible business practices.

To ensure continuous improvement, we established an ESG Committee that meets regularly to review and address ESG-related topics. The committee has created a charter to guide its activities, enabling Rinchem to stay at the forefront of sustainability practices within the logistics industry.

Green Initiatives at Our Warehouses

Our Marlborough, MA warehouse is a shining example of our commitment to renewable energy, featuring installed solar panels that power our operations. Additionally, Rinchem has implemented a paperless transaction system through our custom online platform, Chem-Star®, significantly reducing our paper consumption and waste.

Energy efficiency is another key focus. We have embraced LED lighting and motion sensor technology across 19 facilities in the United States and 85% of our forklift fleet are electric. Recycling initiatives are also a priority, with cardboard and pallets repurposed at our warehouse locations.

Sustainable Transportation Practices

As a SmartWay Partner, Rinchem is dedicated to reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency in our transportation operations. We adhere to the stringent environmental regulations set forth by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) Compliance standards, ensuring our vehicles meet high environmental standards.

To further minimize our carbon footprint, Rinchem employs a Just in Time (JIT) model, bringing in materials only as needed to avoid excessive inventory and unnecessary transportation. Additionally, our fleet includes automatic trucks, which reduce emissions and improve miles per gallon. We support reverse logistics and the use of returnable totes and drums, thereby reducing waste and minimizing the disposal of plastics.

Looking Forward

This recognition from Inbound Logistics motivates us to continue our journey towards a more sustainable future. We are dedicated to enhancing our green initiatives, expanding our efforts, and leading by example in chemical supply chain management.

Thank you to Inbound Logistics for this esteemed recognition and thank you to our dedicated team and partners for their continuous support and collaboration.