Million Mile Celebration September 2015

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CGL Transport, an affiliate of Rinchem Company, LLC, recently inducted three drivers into its Ambassador of the Road Club. Each driver has driven an impressive 1,000,000 safe miles.

CGLT realizes that its profitability and reputation ride on frontline employees and drivers. CGLT believes that it has some of the best drivers in America, and this program is designed to encourage drivers to grow with the company and become Ambassadors of the Road through safety and compliance.

 New members of the Ambassador of the Road Club include:

 Rich Stevens

Rich’s driving career began in 1990, and he started driving for CGL Transport on March 26, 2008. He came to Rinchem after being referred by another driver, who recommended Rinchem as a family-oriented company. Rich says he stays with Rinchem because of the environment and because they “do what they say they are going to do, and the customers are great.”

 Lisa DeThomas

Lisa and her husband Nic are CGL Transport team drivers. She’s been driving for 21 years and has been with Rinchem since January 2008. Formerly, Lisa worked for another company and would deliver to Rinchem. She says that it is the people who make her stay, that it’s a great company. In regard to the Ambassador of the Road celebration, Lisa said, “This has simply been a great day!”

 Nic DeThomas

Team driver Nic DeThomas began driving on January 15, 1994. His career with Rinchem started in January 2008. Along with his wife Lisa, Nic also loves the family environment and considers Rinchem to be a good place to work. “Rinchem is a good place. You are not going to find anywhere better than what you find here,” Nic stated. Following the induction ceremony, Nic shared that “we have found our work family.”