Rinchem Driver John Fedeli Recognized for One Million Miles of Safe Driving

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM, July 12, 2011 – Rinchem Company, LLC, a global provider of chemical management solutions, honored John Fedeli with its “Ambassadors of the Road” award for driving one million miles without an accident, ticket or violation.  Fedeli, who has driven with Rinchem for eight years, was presented with, for use upon his routes, a brand new, bright yellow Peterbilt tractor with 13-speed transmission, extended wheel base, large sleeper, refrigerator and other amenities.  Fedeli also received a large cash bonus for achieving Rinchem’s highest transportation-related honor.

When asked why he chose “Mayfield Dairy Yellow” as the color for his tractor, Fedeli replied that he doesn’t mind standing out amongst his fellow truck drivers.  “It is really a joy to drive it,” said Fedeli, speaking of his new truck.  “There have been a lot of nice comments about it.  People drive by wanting me to honk the horn, or they honk at me and wave.  You can see people looking at the ‘Ambassador of the Road’ sign on the side of my truck and saying, ‘One million miles of safe driving!’  It makes you feel good.” 

“We are proud to recognize John for such a notable accomplishment,” said Chuck Breinholt, President of Rinchem.  “It is through the quiet, often unnoticed reliability, consistency and integrity of drivers like John that Rinchem has been able to establish a reputation for reliability and logistics excellence.”  Fedeli, who resides in Niles, Michigan, says that truck driving is part of his DNA.  “When I was a kid, I used to go with my step dad, who owned his own trucks, on long-haul deliveries for three to four weeks at a time,” said Fedeli.  “I knew when I got older that I was going to be a truck driver.” 

In his spare time, Fedeli, who is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, likes to spend time with his grandchildren, work on the yard, hunt, fish, or keep up on the latest regulations within the trucking industry.  Fedeli says of Rinchem, “Everybody is pretty cooperative, pay is good and the equipment is excellent.  Safety is one of the utmost things on people’s minds, and I like that.”

For more information about John Fedeli’s accomplishment, the “Ambassadors of the Road” program, or Rinchem’s chemical management solutions, please visit www.rinchem.com or contact a Rinchem representative at 1-888-3PL-CHEM.

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