Rinchem Launches New Domestic Transportation Affiliate Called CGL Transport, LLC

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ALBUQUERQUE, NM, July 13, 2011 – Rinchem Company, LLC announced today that it has launched a new affiliate called CGL Transport, LLC (CGLT), which will be dedicated exclusively to the growth of Rinchem’s domestic transportation activities.  The new organization will be formed from Rinchem’s current transportation department, consisting of the department’s current assets, technology, leadership and customer base.  CGL Transport will operate as an independent business, but will also remain under the umbrella of Rinchem ownership. 

“Transportation customers of Rinchem should expect a seamless transition of personnel and assets to this new business entity,” said Jim Moore, CGL Transport’s Executive Director and former president of Rinchem Company.  “The evolution of CGL Transport into a separate organization represents the culmination of a sustained effort by Rinchem to the further the development of transportation-related technologies, processes, expertise, assets and partnerships.  We believe that these differentiators will provide added value to our customers and further set us apart from other chemical and gas transportation providers,” said Moore.

The new organization brings with it a legacy of excellence, with over three decades of chemical transportation management experience operating as a segment of Rinchem.  “CGL Transport is different from most other transporters in that we focus almost exclusively on chemical and gas transport, excelling in regulatory compliance and expertise that is necessary to deliver a safe, efficient solution to our customers,” said Samuel Johnson, General Manager of CGL Transport. 

CGL Transport will continue its membership in the EPA’s SmartWay™ Transport Partner program, having been recently recognized for outstanding environmental performance with regard to its logistics activities.  CGL Transport’s fleet consists of over-the-road tractors that are generally less than five years old, utilizing more efficient, cleaner burning engines that reduce emissions.

For more information about CGL Transport, or to obtain a quote for transportation services, please call 1-855-333-CGLT (2458), or email a CGL Transport representative at sales@cgltransport.com.

Jim Moore
Executive Director of CGL Transport, LLC
Tel: 505.998.4111

About Rinchem Company, LLC

Rinchem Company, Inc is a leading provider of chemical management services to the semiconductor, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in North America, Asia, and the Middle East. The company’s network of warehouses and transportation fleet provides its customers with full supply chain management solutions related to chemicals and environmental concerns. In business since 1976, Rinchem provides comprehensive services including chemical warehousing, chemical and waste transportation, waste stream management, and safety and regulatory training and consulting. More information is available at www.rinchem.com or 1-888-3PL-CHEM.

About CGL Transport, LLC

CGL Transport, LLC is a leading provider of temperature-controlled, high purity and specialty chemical and gas transport for the semiconductor, electronics, chemical manufacturing, aerospace and defense industries.  With customized assets, technology and expertise, CGL Transport provides safe handling, transport and regulatory compliance for millions of pounds of chemicals and gases annually.  CGL delivers environmentally sustainable transportation solutions, utilizing late-model tractors, trailers and transportation technologies to minimize environmental impact.  CGL Transport also utilizes transportation planning and routing technology to deliver streamlined, efficient transportation networks that achieve lower overall transport costs.  CGL Transport provides an online reporting and management interface that reduces the cost of transportation oversight and tracking.  With over three decades of experience and over twenty-five affiliated distribution and cross-docking facilities in North America, CGL Transport offers unparalleled chemical and gas transport solutions.  More information is available at www.cgltransport.com or by calling 1-855-831-3655 or 1-855-333-CGLT (2458).