Rinchem Opens New Facility in Chandler, Arizona

Exterior of Rinchem Arizona Warehouse

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 14, 2015 – Rinchem Company, LLC announced today that it has opened a new 79,500-square-foot chemical logistics facility in Chandler, Arizona.  The new facility includes warehousing areas for regulated and non-regulated chemicals and gases.  Services that will be offered at this site include customized, temperature-controlled storage and handling of high-purity chemicals and gases primarily for the semiconductor industry.  Rinchem globally provides warehousing, transportation and supply chain services to regional and Fortune 500 corporations within areas such as the semiconductor, chemical manufacturing, paints and coatings, oil and gas, solar, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

“The completion of our new Chandler, Arizona facility represents Rinchem’s ongoing commitment to providing specialized chemical management capabilities and services to our customers within the Phoenix metropolitan area,” said Bryce Johnson, Operations Manager of Rinchem’s new Chandler location.  “This facility is equipped with multiple temperature zones and monitoring systems, areas of chemical segregation, fire suppression, spill containment, an automated forklift guidance system, a clean room for high-purity chemical handling, and an inventory management system that provides real-time inventory visibility and status to our customers.” 

Rinchem utilizes proprietary processes and technologies to ensure the safe storage, transport, handling and segregation of regulated, high-purity chemicals and gases.  Rinchem also strives to adhere to all applicable local, national and international rules and regulations associated with chemical management, including adherence to OSHA, DOT, IATA, IMDG, DHS, EPA, cGMP and other regulatory requirements.  Above and beyond its reputation for safety and efficiency, Rinchem helps its customers to reduce their environmental footprint by developing logistics solutions that use newer and cleaner technologies, as well as to optimize supply chain performance that leads to greater logistics efficiencies and less generated waste. 

For more information about Rinchem’s Chandler chemical management facility or services provided at this location, please contact Rinchem by email at sales@rinchem.com, by telephone at 1-888-3PL-CHEM, or via Rinchem’s website at www.rinchem.com.

Christopher P. Wright
Director of Sales and Marketing
Rinchem Company, LLC
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Business Development Manager 
Rinchem Company, LLC 
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About Rinchem Company, LLC

Rinchem Company, LLC is a global third-party chemical logistics provider for corporations within areas such as the semiconductor, chemical, solar, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Located throughout North America and in parts of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Rinchem utilizes its network of customized, temperature-controlled warehouses and transportation assets to provide safe and efficient chemical management solutions.  In business since 1976, Rinchem has been providing chemical management services to its customers for thirty-nine years.  The company provides a wide range of services, including dedicated and multi-client warehousing, on-site services, over-the-road and local transportation, freight forwarding, empty container return management and supply chain consulting.  More information is available at www.rinchem.com or 1-888-3PL-CHEM.