Rinchem Awards Chemical Transportation Specialists

Rinchem Company, LLC recently honored Joe Ojeda, one of its long time truck drivers, with the "Ambassadors of the Road" award for driving one million miles without an accident, ticket, or violation, and for demonstrating outstanding customer service. Mr. Ojeda is only the second truck driver in Rinchem's history to achieve this prestigious honor.

At Rinchem's quarterly leadership meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mr. Ojeda was honored with a standing ovation and presented with a brand new, customized and chrome plated Freightliner Coronado tractor with state of the art amenities to be used exclusively by him while employed at Rinchem.

Mr. Ojeda is a resident of Albuquerque, NM and has been employed with Rinchem for nine years. He travels with his wife Diana, who is also a licensed Rinchem driver. He enjoys working on and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in his spare time. His favorite stretch of road is Highway 84 from Pendleton to Portland with its scenic forests and mountains. When asked about how he was enjoying his new ride, Joe commented, "It makes you feel real good. I love it. People are always asking us about it."

The "Ambassadors of the Road" program was initiated in 2004 to motivate drivers to strive for safety, courtesy, customer service, and to reward company loyalty and driver effort. On the way to reaching the one million mile mark, drivers can also earn rewards for reaching 250 thousand miles, 500 thousand miles and 750 thousand miles, which include free meals, blankets, gift cards, and even an honorary breakfast with the president of the company.

Congratulations to Joe for achieving this excellent honor.